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Close your ears.
Now open a website and… oops, it looks like you cannot proceed.

One billion of the world’s population has different forms of physical disability. The world is moving towards removing barriers. An inaccessible website - is a barrier that discriminates against people with disabilities.
We are responsible for making the world accessible to every person, without exceptions.
People with vision, hearing, or movement disabilities usually don’t feel left out, so it is our choice to let them become our customers or not.
dedicated to make the web space accessible
created Accessible Reality Art Project
Money collected from the sale of this art work will be donated to the charity funds dedicated to help kids with visual and hearing disabilities.
It`s the first art work created for Accessible Reality Art Project.
It`s tokenized and available as an NFT for purchase.
Follow our LinkedIn to be aware of the new art works created within Accessible Reality Art Project
Accessibility - is not a fancy modern trend - it is a necessity.
How many times did your parents ask you to read what’s on this website because the text is too small?
How do you treat people, that cannot see, hear, talk, walk? Do you treat them differently?
Do you still want to “cut out” 5% of your potential customers? This is approximately the overall people with significant disabilities.
The showcases of changing the website for people with different types of visual impairments was created in cooperation with Growth Shop and Inclusive IT.
Do you know how people with different types of visual impairments see websites?
AVITAR is a law firm which provides the ultimate legal solutions for online business.
NFT SOCIAL is a communication agency which creates long-term charity art projects on turn key basis.
NFT SOCIAL creates the concept according to the client`s request and brings it to life through creation of art works, their tokenization and distribution as NFTs. The money collected through NFTs sale go to the charity funds chosen with the client.
MD Films is a film production company with over 10 years of collective experience. It has been nominated for 23 International Film Awards, at, for example, Berlin Fashion Film Festival; IN THE PALACE Academy Award®/Oscar® qualifying festival.
E-commerce compliance services (drafting the user-friendly legal documents for websites and apps; providing marketing compliance services)
Web-Accessibility services (ADA, WCAG 2.1, Dubai Universal Design Code (DUDC), etc.)
Data protection services (GDPR, CCPA (US), UK Data Protection Act, DIFC Data Protection Law compliance, etc.)
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