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Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Putting together an Assessment summary on the areas that need attention and modification
Audit of all digital products of the Company on Accessibility compliance
Implementing required changes in the products in order to bring them to compliance with WCAG 2.0 and/or ADA standards
WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
International, universally accepted standards for the appearance of the site/application for their unhindered use by people with different degrees of disability
ADA (Americans with disabilities Act)
A law in the United States regulating the rights of people with disabilities. It also sets standards for the appearance of sites and applications
We bring websites and applications in compliance with international rules and standards concerning accessibility for people with disabilities: (WCAG 2.0, ADA Compliance)
Dubai Universal Design Code (DUDC)
Why do you need to develop an accessible website?
Website accessibility enables to engage new customers. Especially in the case of the b2c product, users having problems with hearing or vision will choose a comfortable product. The accessible user experience is a way to build a long-term relationship with your customer.
The website accessibility is necessary for customers with disabilities, the elderly, and those with visual or hearing impairment.
It is user-friendly
Competitive advantage
It's obligatory for companies that target customers from the USA, Israel, and a range of other countries.
It is obligatory in some countries
For example, a business working with the US customers can be fined up to $75,000 for a single ADA violation, raising that fine to $150,000 for additional violations.
The showcases of changing the website for people with different types of visual impairments was created in cooperation with Growth Shop and Inclusive IT.
Do you know how people with different types of visual impairments see websites?
How the process of changing the website goes?
We review your website together with Inclusive IT and evaluate the present level of compliance.
We agree with you on the deadlines for changes needed to make the website accessible for different types of physical impairments.
We create the Accessibility Statement which informs your users on your plan for bringing the website to compliance with web-accessibility requirements.
You bring the plan on website adaptation to life according to the specification by yourself or with our technical partner`s help.
You`re accessible now!
Accessibility - is not a fancy modern trend - it is a necessity. Online in particular. ART IS A KYE. In cooperation with NFT Social we created an art project dedicated to make the web space accessible. Follow to meet the Accessible Reality Art Project
Our Cases
We have more than 100 cases,
so we put them on a separate page
Features of the AVITAR Team
We know what conversion is and how to increase Retention rate with compliance
We have experience in handling legal disputes on behalf of the client on US and EU markets
The verification and implementation of Accessibility standards is done by people who have direct experience in this matter
We know how the online business works from inside out
What Clients Say About our Work
Arthur Kritsak, Founder of InReepublic
Developed documents for a web platform that works in the US and Ukraine. Everything is high quality. We will contact more!
Nikita Fursov, Founder at
The guys are very cool! Minimum of violence against the client, maximum result. In case they are not capable of doing the job, they will find who will - and this is very valuable. Highly recommended!
Evgeniy Khotyanov, CEO Bookimed
They're very good in GDPR compliance and user agreements. Our Bookimed team mates are satisfied dealing with Avitar.
Dmitry Budorin, CEO Hacken
Efficient and effective. Our team has spent min time for explaining our needs and we received tailored and prompt work result. Highly recommend.
Oleg Lesov, CEO Softcube
Avitar has been supporting our company Softcube since 2018. All this time, their advice was professional, comprehensive, and accurate. Avitar team has excellent expertise in GDPR and copyright law. It is a pleasure to work with them.
Eugene Kuzmin, CEO
Before meeting the guys, their recommendations. In my view, the development and scaling of the business was, it was necessary to rush, and then we will deal with putting in order the processes and documents.
What is web accessibility?
Web accessibility refers to ensuring that all online content can be readily consumed by people with disabilities.
Do I need to make my website accessible?
In many countries it is already required by law. Also, studies have shown that at least 15% of global potential customers have some form of disability, therefore, making your website accessible you gain business value. But the most important part is that, by keeping your website or app not accessible for people with disabilities, you, not knowingly, discriminate against them and violate their ethical and human rights.

If I don’t comply what are the consequences?

In the US it is required that your website is compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). A violation could cost a company from $15 000 to $100 000 of fine, without taking into account the amount needed to fix the problems. Israel sets criminal liability for non compliance in some cases.

How can I become compliant?

There is one main standard that is well acknowledged all around the world - WCAG (Website Content Accessibility Guidelines). It consists of a set of rules and standards you need to follow in order to be accessible for people with disabilities. Different local legislations are based, or resemble these guidelines. First, you need to produce an audit of your website or application. Then a GAP- analysis is put together and changes are implemented on the website accordingly.

It means a visually impared person can use my website or app?

Yes, following the WCAG guidelines, makes your online activities accessible for people with different levels of disabilities. For example, a visually impared person can navigate through the website by using the keyboard and listen to where he or she is on the website with the help of a voiceover tool installed on one’s computer. Isn’t it great?